About us

About us

The heart of Sicilia Italian Pizzeria is formed by Massimo , his wife Olga and his son Fabio , three Sicilians originally from Catania who six years ago left their beloved land on the slopes of the Etna Volcano to settle in Naples (FL).

There they opened an Italian restaurant - pizzeria that has become the reference point for all the people who wanted to delight themselves with the real and authentic Sicilian cuisine. The menu varied between lasagna, pasta and beans, tripe, cod alla puttanesca up to the original arancini. After 4 years of presence in Naples, they decided to open another pizzeria here in Venice to introduce their thin cust pizza here too. You can find it in the traditional flavors loved by Americans - Pepperoni , Supreme , Hawaiian - and in the more traditional Italian ones - for example Speck , Capricciosa , Norma . But you can find alternatives to pizza, for example PIZZOLO and PANE CONDITO and obviously the MEATBALLS , the original TIRAMISU' and the SICILIAN CANNOLO cannot be missing.

Il PIZZOLO , originally from Sortino, a Sicilian town of 8000 inhabitants in the province of Syracuse, is made up of two thin crust pizzas stuffed in the middle with sauce, mozzarella and different ingredients that combined together make it an authentic tradition. What makes it special and unique and makes it different from a normal pizza, is the crust of oil and pecorino cheese.

PANE CONDITO is a crumbly ciabatta bread seasoned with a base of EVOO oil, salt, pepper, chilli, mozzarella, fresh tomato. It is then heated in the oven so as to melt all the ingredients. PANE CONDITO in Sicily means union, sharing and is the first alternative to pizza.

And then why not end your dinner with a little pleasure? So let yourself be carried away by a delicious TIRAMISU' , made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee and two generous layers of mascarpone cream, finished with a generous sprinkling of cocoa powder. Or let yourself be conquered by the friability of a homemade CANNOLO filled by hand with ricotta cream, chocolate chips and lemon zest as Sicilian tradition teaches us.

Did we make you hungry? You just have to go or call Sicilia, they'll take care of your dinner!