Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu available only from 12.00pm to 3.00pm

SCHIACCIATELLA is a typical Sicilian flat bread that is prepared to be stuffed like a sandwich with the freshest and most traditional ingredients of the Sicilian table.

PANE CONDITO is a crumbly ciabatta bread seasoned with a base of EVOO oil, salt, pepper, chilli, mozzarella, fresh tomato. It is then heated in the oven so as to melt all the ingredients. PANE CONDITO in Sicily means union, sharing and is the first alternative to pizza.

PIZZA NUTELLA Melted Nutella cream on freshly baked 12" pizza topped with sugar powder. Is a perfectly sweet way to end a meal with your friends!

Did we make you hungry? You just have to go or call Sicilia, they'll take care of you!